What’s next for Face of Homelessness?

When people look at this project, one question they often ask is, “So what’s next?” Well, it would be great to add to the list of interviewees. But I’m guessing what’s behind that question is what I have next on my agenda concerning this topic. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that yet. I began this project on a personal quest to understand why people are homeless. As I understood the issue and its complexities, I wanted my audience to “see and hear” these people as just that—people. The dignity of persons became a sub-theme because I discovered that homelessness has a negative stereotype that shuts down our desire to listen. I think this website has accomplished that purpose. However, I still think my audience could benefit from hearing more stories, especially from the female perspective (you may have noticed that the website currently has no female interviewees). So if you’re a person who has experienced homelessness and would like to tell your story, or you know of a person who would like to do so, please drop me a line—I would love to talk to you. I hope that as this catalog grows, I will discover opportunities and new tangents to explore in a different format.