Explorations in AR

I mentioned that I created a virtual reality (VR) application for Face of Homelessness in a previous post. I want to share some experiments in augmented reality (AR) in this post. If these terms are entirely new to you, or if you need a refresher on the differences between AR and VR, here is a brief article explaining things.

For this project, I enhanced the images in my Face of Homelessness print catalog with rich media. Each spread in the book included a portrait of the interviewee and the transcribed content. My AR application projects a video version of the interview next to the print spread anytime a page is turned. An iOS device with the app installed is required to view the project.

Print catalog with superimposed video layer when viewed via the AR application. The projected video is at the top.
User viewing print catalog through AR application. The projected video is at the top of the iPad screen.