A close up of a man in an athletic uniform, wearing a cap. The text on the cap reads, FRESH.
"It gets frustrating how they put us, homeless people, down like we're nothing. We didn't choose to be homeless. There's some that have been homeless their whole life, and it's what they want to do, but it's hard on me."
What follows is a lightly edited transcript

I was staying with an ex-girlfriend, and she ended up moving out and went to Florida when I was at work. I had no signs she was going to move out. I ended up sleeping in abandoned cars and homeless shelters after that.

I’m a type 2 diabetic, and keeping my insulin in a refrigerator is the biggest challenge in my life. I’ve ended up in the hospital 6 times because I can’t keep it cold, and they’ve thrown away my insulin about three times. But I’m still alive. Every day I thank God I can see another day. I have three grandbabies, and they just light my day up when I’m down, so I look forward to seeing them and talking to them every day. It’s a blessing.

If I could do something to fix homelessness, I’d open a big complex, hire case managers, nurses, and doctors to come twice a week. Now I can talk to people about my feelings. I used to hold it in, but I found out that’s not a good thing. I don’t have to have everyone listen, but if I can have one person listen to my story, I’ll feel good about it.

I’m a good cook. I’ve been cooking for a long time. I learned it from my mother, and my brother, Derrick, he’s a good cook. My favorite thing to make is fried chicken.